My baby is sleeping through!
"Can’t believe it, my 12 month old, who previously was barely sleeping in 1-2 hour blocks overnight is now falling asleep faster and is sleeping in 4-5 hours+ !! I’m blown away and worried for the pack to finish before I get to order my next lot in!"
Wow! So happy to hear this :) - Amazing Oils
Love **** Bits Stick
"I use your **** bits stick all the time. It helps with my age spots n any other spots I want to get rid off. I have recommended to so many people n hope they have ordered from u too. Keep up the good work. We also use the roll on magnesium pain killer n it is amazing for our aches n pains. Thank u so much. Life is getting easier with your products"
Cheryl B.
Thanks very much Cheryl! - Amazing Oils
Great product
"I purchased the Magnesium Pro Spray. I find it is excellent. My hubby has been complaining of his ankles & knees aching ( due to arthritis and the cold weather ) I sprayed it on his legs and within minutes he told me the pain was easing ( as I find. myself when I use it ) As I’ve said many times before Thank you AO 👍👍👍👍"
Thanks so much! - Amazing Oils
goos service
"easy to order, suitable delivery times, unfortunately the website did not automatically allow free shipping for my order over $100. My health advisor now suggesting there is no dose information for your oils so I should use powder as well. Maybe you could include this on your website"
Trevor B.
Hey Trevor, sorry about that glitch on the website, I refunded your shipping. If your health advisor isn't aware of transdermal technologies it's will be very difficult for them to give you proper guidance on Magnesium Oil. All the recommendations are based on oral magnesium. Since magnesium deficiencies are so difficult to measure we recommend daily use and monitoring the symptoms of deficiency (such a cramping/sleeping/etc). Happy to explain more if you'd like to give us a call! - Amazing Oils
very good thank you
"very good thank you "
Thanks for the review - Amazing Oils
I bought this for my
"I bought this for my mum who has stiffness in her hips after she used it the first time she couldn’t believe how much freer she felt she was truly amazed "
karen M.
Glad your Mum is getting some relief! Thanks for the review - Amazing Oils
Magnesium pro spray
"I’m loving the product plus love the easy take away container. Love that it is all absorbed with no greasy feeling on the body. "
Mandy R.
Thanks for the review Mandy, I like that it is less greasy too. - Amazing Oils
Amazing Oils
"Great products use the roll on day & night for different alliments 😀 Used the magnesium pro for neck & back pain worked really well 👍 Magnesium flakes for a relaxing soak 😀 cannot recommend your products enough thank you !!!"
Thanks for the review, happy to help! - Amazing Oils
Wonderful Magnesium Oil!
"Found it great for shoulder pain and leg cramps"
Joan G.
Thanks for the review Joan - Amazing Oils
The delivery was quick, the
"The delivery was quick, the product is amazing. Whenever I have an ache I put it on and it either relieves it to some extent or sees it completely go. I'm excited to see how long it last and compare to buying tables costwise. Looking to get my parents on to it!"
Katie K.
Thanks for the review Katie, I think you'll find the spray will last around 6-12 months depending on how much you use daily. Compared to tablets which only last 1-2 months depending on the amount of capsules you take - Amazing Oils
Love magnesium
"I particularly like this spray! So easy to get hard to reach places and this does seem to be stronger than my usual magnesium!"
Shiralee F.
Thanks for the review Shiralee, I find the trigger spray really easy to use also - Amazing Oils
Great product
"Very impressed with this stronger version for pain. So far very good. Thank you"
Fran F.
Thanks Fran! - Amazing Oils
Great product
"Very impressed with this stronger version for pain. So far very good. Thank you"
Fran F.
Thanks Fran! - Amazing Oils
In our home we use
"In our home we use it for aiding sleep and for nervous tension and find it works brilliantly. 5 sprays to the top of the feet at night before bed or when feeling stressed and anxious"
Glad you're enjoying the products :) - Amazing Oils
"This NEW Pro product is really wonderful, the pump action makes it much quicker to apply. "
Alan T.
Thanks Alan. I like the pump action too, very easy to use. - Amazing Oils
The best way to recover
"I'm a massage therapist and very active, the recovery magnesium bath flakes work wonderfully to keep any acs or pains away "
Alan T.
Thanks Alan, the recovery is very popular with active people. - Amazing Oils
Magnesium oil Bulk 1litre
"Excellent use it all the time no more cramps"
Narelle F.
Thanks for the review Narelle - Amazing Oils
excellent product and service
"always positive and they send a few little extras"
Thanks for the review! - Amazing Oils
Happy costumer
"Excellent thank you."
john t.
"I love your oil and apply it after every shower - neck, arms, hips, and even legs and tummy if I'm motivated. The 1litre bottle is great value, thank you!"
Fran G.
Twitching Eye?
"No more twitching eye! And for anyone who has experienced how (bleep!) annoying that can be … you will understand that this stuff is awesome! PS so easy to make your own oil."
Wendy R.
Amazing!!!! Worth ever $$
"I wish I had the time to soak in a magnesium bath everyday!!! "
Yolande J.
I feel you Yolande! When I don't have time for a Magnesium bath I use my Roll-On instead. Thanks for the review - Amazing Oils
Worth every $$
"This is a great way to purchase these two items. The magnesium bath I love and also use for our two toddlers. I feel energised and reset after a good soak. The spray is excellent for everyday use. I spray on my chest, elbow creases, backs of knees and I’m good to go. Aches and pains are also very well relived. An awesome, well rounded product :) "
Yolande J.
Thanks for the review Yolande - Amazing Oils
Love this spray
"Always great from Amazing Oils"
Thanks for the review, appreciate it. - Amazing Oils
new pump spray the way
"having previously managed to break, and dislodge the old spray nozzle and tubing, this newer, more robust spray hits & targets the problem muscle groups. I'm wrapped! absorbable and "goes in"."
Wendy L.
Thanks Wendy, glad you like the pump spray! It's amazing how fast the Magnesium absorbs hey? - Amazing Oils
Great products
"Love the products especially the roll on magnesium oil. I actually purchased a bottle of magnesium oil for my Doctor, we both have polymyalgia and he needed relief"
Meredith P.
Hey Meredith, what a great story! Thanks for the review, we hope you and the Doc get some much needed relief - Amazing Oils
Fantastic Product
"Fantastic service fantastic delivery fantastic product "
Donna F.
Fantastic review! Thanks Donna. - Amazing Oils
Amazing Magnesium Oil Spray
"I have been using your Magnesium Oil Spray for several years and am very happy with it. I have had problems with RLS for many years and couldn’t get any relief till using your product. I have recommended it to others who are also satisfied with it."
Maureen D.
Thank you for the review Maureen - Amazing Oils
Australian owned and produced yeah
"Perfect fast efficient, excell not service thank you "
Vicki S.
Australian owned, sourced and made. Thanks for the review Vicki - Amazing Oils
It Really Works
"I must admit that I have only been using the Magnesium Oil for a few weeks, but now I sleep the whole night through without waking because of aches and pain in my legs. I am so impressed that I will now try some of the other magnesium products."
Karyn C.