5 Ways To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your New Year “New You” Goals

5 Ways To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your New Year “New You” Goals

No matter what your resolutions are, welcoming in a new year is a sure fire way to feel motivated and energised. As we all set out to achieve our “New Year, New You” goals for the journey ahead, little thought is often given to how do we keep that motivation going. And by that we mean, well past January 31st. Here are five ways you can stay motivated all through the year to achieve your New Year “New You” resolutions.

  1. Write your goals down

It is a basic step, but it’s so important. How many times have you written down goals in your life and achieved them? How many times have you just thought about the goal and achieved it? Statistically, there’s a much greater likelihood that you’ll achieve the goals you write down. So write down how many times a week you need me time, how often you want to relax, how many hours of sleep you want per night. Whatever your goals are. Write. It. Down!

  1. Schedule the time

Plan the times you are going to achieve your goals in your planner or calendar and block it out! Don’t let anything overtake this precious time in your diary. If a friend wants to catch up with you, tell them to join you. Same with your family, help them fit in to your “new you” schedule. Keep your goals a priority because this is time for you and achieving your “new you”.

  1. Create a vision board

Yes, this really works! Create a board full of images of you achieving your goals. Use pictures of yourself or cut them out of magazines. Cut out and pin up the numbers that are your goals, the pictures of exercises you’ll do easily, and words that represent how you will feel when you have achieved your goals. And hang this vision board somewhere that you can see it every day.

  1. Get help

Get a buddy, family member or work colleague, so you have someone to keep you on target to reach your goals. Choose someone - who when you have an off day and don’t want to push yourself -  will be there to nudge (or shove) you along. They won’t accept that you’re too tired; too busy or it’s too hot or too cold. They’ll encourage you to keep going, to believe in yourself, so that you will stay motivated and on track to achieving your “New You" goals.

  1. Meditate and visualise

No, it’s not actually getting out there and becoming a goal digger, but it is doing just that in your mind’s eye. Every night as you lay in bed and start relaxing, imagine your “New You” goals. Imagine getting out there four, five of six times a week and stretching yourself so that you can achieve your goals. Imagine how you feel, that it gets easier and easier to get up and get moving, imagine how much better you feel physically and mentally to have reached these.

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