Which Amazing Oils Magnesium product is right for me?

Which Amazing Oils Magnesium product is right for me?

Your choice of product completely depends on what you're interested in using it for.

The Amazing Oils Magnesium products can be broken down into the following ranges;



For relief of nerve pain/mild neuralgia.

Relief of insomnia

Helps in the maintenance or improvement of general well-being.


- Sprays in 60ml, 250ml & 1L (refill) are all the exact same product, just varying sizes. These products are 100% Australian, organically sourced, Magnesium chloride (great for general pain relief, sleep & overall health). Main gift given by magnesium fans to skeptical friends.


- Gel Roll On in 60ml is also Magnesium chloride, with 1-2% organically certified xanthan gum added  (great for hard to reach area's and night cramps). Also carried by runners, gym enthusiasts and heavy lifters.


 - Flakes in 800g bags are an evaporated, solid version of the Magnesium chloride liquid (excellent for boosting your Magnesium levels and a full body relaxation/repair). Much appreciated after physical exertion.


- Moisturising Facial Treatment contains 22% of the Magnesium detailed above combined with other incredible products such as Coconut oil, Shea butter & Vitamin E (perfect for skin regeneration and fading age spots and lines).

 - Ugly Bits Stick (to remove skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, warts, acne) contains the Magnesium detailed above, however a substantial amount stronger (due to extra 3-5 year concentrate period). 


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