Your Amazing Magnesium stories - Annie resolves her nervousness.

Your Amazing Magnesium stories - Annie resolves her nervousness.


One of our technical guys has a friend whom he describes as 'the most capable woman in the whole world', she's one of those women who can do everything and does it well and it's not annoying because she's so bloody nice and I don't mean that in a sarcastic way either, honestly, you'd love her, everyone does. She went through a bad spell last years and had some of the problems described in the following.

This week we received one of the most inspirational and rewarding stories of success from a customer named Annie and it made the whole place break out into their happy dance. Smiles were easy, steps were springy and the company internal computer chat thingy was waxing lyrical about it and 5's were indeed 'highed'.

This is what Annie had to say....

"This may be lengthy but I wanted to know if you could post a link regarding the importance of magnesium with the production of serotonin.
I am 52 and have suffered from migraines since age 4.
I'm the sort of person who needs to find out why I am feeling a certain way. The past 4 years I have been focusing on mindfulness meditation and yoga which really helps but was still waking each morning in a state of panic, shaky, fearful of ?????? "

Anyways, to cut a long story short, since using the Amazing Oils roll on, my levels of anxiety have dropped to hardly noticeable. Energy levels are amazing.

I have also always been below average weight. Hovering around 45kgs. Some may say lucky you but that's not always the case. (Yes skinny women get nasty comments as well). Anyways, my appetite has increased and I have gained a few kilos in the last month. Fantastic!

I just feel so well and I know that it is all due to your product. So much thanks to you and yours.

Thank you sincerely. Annie

The gratitude is all ours to you for sharing her wonderful story with us, if you suffer from being anxious or know someone who does and haven't tried magnesium yet, give it a go.

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