Deficiency & Men: Why They Need Magnesium More Than Ever!

Deficiency & Men: Why They Need Magnesium More Than Ever!


You may know, or even have, a few men in your life that seem to think that fruit is toxic - avoid eating vegetables except chips and are the proverbial 'salad dodgers'.

They may also have an overwhelming preference for processed or ready-made foods. If this is the case, then they may be more at risk of magnesium deficiency, compared to those eating a fresh and balanced diet.

Anxiety can also increase the body’s requirements for Magnesium to help deal with stress.

As Magnesium is a vital mineral needed by every organ in the body, your heart, muscles and kidneys crave it to function properly. It’s also responsible for balancing over 300+ biochemical reactions, and is crucial for your well-being.

Men’s Lifestyle and Magnesium Levels

Dietary and lifestyle habits which increase the need for magnesium include:

• Consuming more than seven alcohol drinks per week.

• Regularly drinking fizzy drinks.

• Eating a lot of sugary foods high in refined sugar.

• Drinking tea and coffee on a daily basis.

• If you’re stressed, ill or had major surgery.

Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

Do they know the signs of Magnesium deficiency? Symptoms of low Magnesium levels may generally show up as any of the following: agitation and anxiety, headaches, muscle cramps, spasms and weakness, sleep disorders or insomnia, restless leg syndrome and irritability. If symptoms persist-see your health professional.

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