Magnesium deficiency, why?

Magnesium deficiency, why?

 The Australian ministry of Health states that magnesium is necessary for over 300 bodily functions, all of them important at a fundamental level. Because magnesium is necessary for so many things to keep going right in your body, it's absence shows itself in a wide range of symptoms. (i)

However those who know about magnesium and its role in the body say that many people are deficient, so why is that?

Its not trendy.

Magnesium is not really a fashionable topic among the healthy living/natural health community who's focus seems to be on antioxidants and vitamins and whatever fad is in the headlines at the moment / trying to frighten people about vaccinations.

But the bottom line is that no matter what other supplements or vitamins you've been persuaded to take, without magnesium none of them can work, it's that simple.

It may be a good idea to search out doctors who have an understanding of the importance of minerals and nutrition and although its getting easier it might not be straightforward.

According to Colin Campbelli, in his book, The China Study, (ii)

“doctors have virtually no training in nutrition and how it relates to health…"

"Nutrition training of doctors is not merely inadequate; it is practically nonexistent"

This does appear to be changing over the last couple of years. More medical schools are starting to acknowledge the importance of these things, especially when related to diseases such as obesity.

According to Robert G Smith PhD,

"Most people in modern societies have vitamin and mineral deficiencies because these nutrients are removed by industrial food processing." (iii)

More on this from D. Gupta

So, it might seem that supplementation is potentially beneficial even if you don't have any deficiency symptoms.

Including magnesium into your daily health routine is simply one of the best health choices you can make.

The good news about magnesium supplementation is that it's very reasonable, Our 2 X 250 ml bottle saver package will last an individual 6 months or less than the cost of one latte every ten days. (OK it doesn't taste as good as a latte, but you don't ingest it so y'know :) )

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