Feeling Overwhelmed? (Guest blogger Terry Bishop)

Feeling Overwhelmed? (Guest blogger Terry Bishop)

A curious and slightly amusing curse used by the Chinese is “May you live in interesting times”. It is a curse because ‘interesting times’ are exhausting. It takes a huge amount of mental and emotional energy to come to terms with big changes in life. Moving house, relationship troubles, health issues, changing jobs, even getting married are all considered highly stressful. Really big events, like the loss of a loved one, divorce or losing your job are enough to overwhelm even the sturdiest among us.

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have”.
Sometimes though a little helping hand would be nice, wouldn’t it? Where to go to get a little help to just get through a difficult day is not always obvious. We don’t always have someone who has the time to listen and really understand us. And all the good advice on Facebook or from our favourite internet guru doesn’t always help. Most days, we find we have only ourselves to rely on.

One way to give yourself a boost is to help your body work at its very best. Stress makes a big demand on your brain... looking at your situation, searching for good choices about what to do next, puzzling your way through the barriers you encounter when you try to do something new. This can be directly related to all the mental activity of trying to cope with the challenges of life.

Did you know that every cell in your body requires magnesium to produce most of it's energy? This means that if you are low in magnesium, your body will only have a fraction of the energy it could have available to help you get through the day. Magnesium is also a key to the ability of muscles to relax. Too little magnesium, and some of what is left of your energy reserves is used up to keep muscles tense.

Even if you are the smartest person you know, your body still needs essential minerals to support your brain to get you through ‘interesting times’. One of the most powerful things you can add to ‘what you have’ is a plentiful supply of magnesium.

Causes of headaches:

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