Have You Been Fooled by Fake Magnesium?



On Facebook, I am seeing a few comments which, after some investigations, turn out to be about a different brand - not Amazing Oils. Most of the 'wannabe' companies selling Magnesium Oil are importing Chinese chemicals and adding it to water. This WILL sting and WILL be sticky ... but not do much else that is beneficial for you. Make sure the name is 'Amazing Oils' on the bottle, especially if buying at the markets! Using foreign chemicals is always a risk - unless they carry the TGA number certifying that they have been checked for poisons and heavy metals.

There are even a couple of shonky companies copying our marketing so that their bottles look like ours, same colour, same size, but a different 'Ozzie' name etc. Obviously, despite their claims and their names, they are not Australian and not organically certified (and sting a lot.) We have been receiving some of their bottles at Head Office with people asking for refunds (their sales staff say it is the same product under a different name.) <sigh>

I guess it is a measure of success to have these shady 'look-a-likes' springing up but it must be frustrating for those of you who have been caught out. Yes, we have instigated legal proceedings but if you have been a victim of one of these 'copycat' companies, please PM us with your story and your address on Facebook. If you see a copycat 'Ozzie' version on the chemist shelf ask the pharmacist if it is TGA registered. Alternatively, if you see a website making any therapeutic claims around cramping, pain relief or even more serious ailments and no sign of any TGA listing, send the link to the authorities info@tga.gov.au 

Stay Safe!


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