Lies, lies and more lies

Lies, lies and more lies

Is it me or is it getting more and more difficult to know what is true?

Is global warming really happening? If so, is it our fault?

Are eggs healthy? Is butter? Will scientific opinion change again next week?

How can we know who and what to believe?

If you tend to get your news from the internet (as I do), you are exposed to a constant stream of false information, rumours displayed as fact, and outright lies, all mixed in with authentic information from reliable sources. The recent elections in the USA were an interesting showcase of all of these, with apparently genuine comments, hundreds of thousands of which came from a single town in Yugoslavia and lets not even consider what Russia is doing to spread misinformation.

Some companies have their own special ways of spreading misinformation, not only about their own products, but also about anything that could impact their trillion dollar income.

So how can we work out what to do when our health is suffering? What do we do if we have been to our GP and had no change? What if we are concerned about the side-effects of so many of the pharmaceutical drugs? You may have discovered that few GPs are happy when we get information about our problem from Google 😊

The answer is that there is no answer. Misinformation is rife.

At Amazing Oils, we try to stand out by having real-time videos of our customers. We encourage you to speak up on Facebook, not only when you have amazing successes but also in the cases where magnesium does not work for you. You will have noticed that we leave these comments up and try our best to help. Often the complaint turns out to be about a ‘copycat’ company. Other times, we have not provided adequate instructions on appropriate usage. A couple of posts this week said that the Amazing Oils was not stopping the pain. When we inquired further, the ladies were also on a cocktail of several strong pharmaceutical drugs (none of which were working either.)

I see that there is an online Australian medical site, Healthshare, manned by doctors which some pretty good info on it (even regarding magnesium!)

So what we do here at Amazing Oils, and what I recommend, is that you find out what works for you…and keep looking, keep listening to those who have the same difficulties, don’t give up!  Eat the right foods in moderation...go for long walks. Simple stuff. Find out what actually works to maintain your most dynamic health…and tell others about it.



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