Magnesium bath flakes, say aaaahhhh!

Magnesium bath flakes, say aaaahhhh!

One of the first Amazing Oils products was our magnesium bath flakes and it remains one of strongest selling items and for good reason.

One recent comment on our Facebook page said that if you only have a shower in your bathroom that our magnesium flakes are 'worth buying a bath for'.

The benefits of magnesium taken via the skin have been described everywhere on this blog.

    A magnesium bath - not so serious side effects 

    1. Moping and forlorn partners wondering where you are for hours on end and trying to hold conversations through the bathroom door.

    This is resolved by inviting them into the bath or running one for them.

    Pruning of the skin due to you not wanting to get out of the bath, resolves by itself quickly.


    Treat yourself to some Amazing Oils flakes right now.


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