Magnesium Moisturiser. What's The Big Deal?

Magnesium Moisturiser. What's The Big Deal?

First of all, we are not some leading major fashionable cosmetics brand, with supermodel endorsement and photo-shopped advertising campaigns of impossibly flawless faces. So when our Amazing Magnesium Moisturiser sales skyrocketed, it took us by surprise. Since each tub is handmade with natural ingredients we are often running out of stock (sorry warehouse team!)

The Amazing Magnesium Moisturiser is a simple and very natural formula. It doesn't contain any of those unpronounceable 'new breakthrough' chemicals, usually involving the word 'micro' somewhere. It's a straightforward natural product based on a lot of common sense thinking about the skin and magnesium. 

It has been specially designed to restore health to problem skin, if your skin is persistently reactive or sensitive, or visibly marred by acne, discolouration, dryness, or scars our moisturiser can really help.

All the ingredients work to reduce the visible signs of ageing; such as sagging, dullness, loose or puffy skin and of course, reducing those blemishes.

The popularity of the product has been fueled by some amazing photo feedback from our Amazing fans (Not by supermodels although all of you are indeed gorgeous). One of the other benefits of selling online is that it generates a lot of feedback from our wonderful customers and from this we learned that the moisturiser removes sub-cutaneous lumps and bumps, and several varieties of seborrheic keratosis (facial moles.) Although our other product the Ugly Bits Stick deals with the latter more quickly!

Read all our reviews here.

Most people have told us that they haven't stopped using their regular moisturiser completely either and they prefer to use it 2 out of 3 nights and then their normal moisturiser on the 3rd night. Whatever works is great for us.

The bad news? The moisturiser can change its levels of viscosity in extreme temperatures. That is - it can become almost liquid on a hot day in far north Queensland and become more solid during a winter in Melbourne. Many of you recommend keeping it in the top of the fridge. We could avoid this by adding chemical viscosity agents and preservatives, but it doesn't affect the effectiveness and, basically, we want to keep it natural.

Another thing we hear (a lot) is that many of you use it as a hand cream, that it helps with sore joints and it fades away any ageing spots. Some of you think it is too rich (you're using too much at a time) so we are currently testing a lighter day-cream. More news on that one soon.

PS: Blue or Pink Packaging? No difference. Just experimenting with our SKIN range colours. Click the picture to treat yourself to some.

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