Magnesium and pregnancy

Magnesium and pregnancy

Pregnancy changes woman's body profoundly. 

Your baby will grow 10,000 times larger in the first month of your pregnancy. Ten thousand! That level of growth calls for some serious resources from your body. Guess what mineral you will need to be aware of during your pregnancy?

Magnesium is what helps your body repair maintain and build tissue. This becomes especially important when growing another body inside yourself. Medical studies have shown that a Magnesium supplement during pregnancy can provide a number of benefits, from building strong bones and even preventing infant mortality. Calcium is responsible for all muscular contraction in the body through the actions of the main proteins in the signalling apparatus. Magnesium on the other hand is largely responsible for the relaxing of the muscles .

Many people recommend Magnesium to help with morning sickness and overall well-being during pregnancy. Another of the latest fads is bone broth! Here is another link to a recipe for bone broth.

So obviously your baby needs Magnesium during the pregnancy…where do you think it will get it from?

Naturally, from the mother. So YOUR Magnesium levels need to be kept up as well during pregnancy so to avoid a magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium deficiency may manifest as fatigue, aches and pains or cramping, as well as difficulty sleeping and a cloudy mind. So if you are pregnant, or planning a pregnancy in the next twelve months, Magnesium expert and author Carolyn Dean recommends building your body’s Magnesium levels. (We are not suggesting she is specifically talking about our product) We recommend using the Amazing Oils daily on your lower back and on the tops of your feet before sleep. In the third trimester we recommend only using on the feet at night.

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