What you need to know about magnesium tablets, pills and powders


As a Yoga instructor I used (and recommended) oral magnesium powder to all my students. Even 30 years ago I knew how amazing magnesium was for both mind and body. It was only when I read of research studies which claimed that not only was oral magnesium a problem for many digestive systems, but certain types such as (magnesium oxide) were not effectively absorbed. In fact up to 96% can be wasted in the stomach acids! (Magnesium Oxide.) (Cohen et al.)

"Would you buy something whereby you lose 96% of the product?"

The same medical studies indicate the effectiveness of magnesium chloride. This may be especially true if you consider that is used trans-dermally (on the skin) which completely bypasses your digestive system and gets the magnesium directly into the cells where it is most needed.

Additionally, magnesium on the skin provides many other remarkable health benefits. Look it up on Google :)

So yes, magnesium may be best absorbed through the skin, in terms of bio-availability. This way, you get the results quickly.

I have noticed that, for some, as soon as the problem goes away - then so does using the Amazing Oils. Yet magnesium is important for so much more than pain-relief. For overall well-being, keep it next to your toothbrush and USE it every night before bed, on the tops of your feet! It's exactly like keeping the oil topped up in your car.





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