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Scientific Mumbo-Jumbo

This popular baby medicine of the early 20th century contained morphine and alcohol as its two main ingredients.

 A few years ago, we attended a much-publicised presentation by a German medical professor. He was president of the German Society for Magnesium-Research, Chairman of the Gordon Research Conference  Magnesium in Biochemical Processes and Medicine, Ventura, USA, and is on the advisory board of various nutrition organisations. He was, and is, considered a renowned authority on magnesium.

When asked about transdermal magnesium (by a naturopath) the good professor became quite angry and told the over one hundred health-professionals that there was NO WAY that anything could pass through the skin and have any effect whatsoever. He said that if it actually could, then people would benefit from frequent dips in the sea - which he said is nonsense. (Mind you-he WAS trying to sell his own pharmaceuticals there.)

We refrained from challenging him, everyone is entitled to their opinion, especially when they have no direct experience. We didn't bring up the fact that nicotine patches are evidence of transdermal absorption. What was frustrating was that over a hundred healthcare professionals were scribbling his responses into their notes and no doubt passing on his opinion to so many patients who could have benefited. <sigh>

Later, we found this same German professor has put up a PubMed study which was anti-transdermal magnesium. He signed that he had no vested interest in the study. I wrote to PubMed pointing out that the good doctor actually sells his own competing product and they removed his name from the study (and left the study up.)

To my mind, it is sad that people place so much importance on others opinions rather than finding out the truth for themselves. Holding scientific 'facts' higher than personal experience is not necessarily science.

I personally LOVE science. I have no argument with science. Humans are living longer and healthier because of science. I won't go into the studies on PubMed on transdermal research here; instead I will bring your attention to what scientists have passionately believed to be true before today. Its a huge subject so I will restrict myself to medical and biological beliefs.


1. The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (used by mental health professionals) only removed homosexuality as a mental aberration in 1986. 

2. Up until the last century one of the most studied aspects of neuroscience was phrenology-the idea that certain bumps and shapes of the human head characterised certain aspects of the personality.

3. Until only 20 years ago the concept of 'Tabula Rasa' was believed to be proven fact. The idea of the human mind being born as a 'blank slate' on which all knowledge comes from experience and is not subject to genetic influences. Much of Freud's psychoanalytical thought (now almost completely debunked as having no beneficial effects) was based on this theory.                                                      

4. Up until less than 200 years ago scientists believed that life could spontaneously spring from inanimate objects such as dust or dead flesh.

5. For the last 2000 years and up until around 130 years ago, blood-letting was the most common medical procedure.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

It reminds me - we got a call from a sweet old lady asking us for a refund. This is such an unusual request that I was called to speak with her. She told me she had bought it for her joint pain. I apologised to her for the product not helping. She told me:

"Well I thought it was helping me to be out of pain, but I've just been to the doctor, and he told me it must all be in my imagination."

Stay strong and healthy.



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