Shaking All Over? How we can help with your essential tremors.

Shaking All Over? How we can help with your essential tremors.

An often overlooked and irritating and inconvenient condition, it affects over millions of us. If you have this condition, it can make the simple movements most of us take for granted such as shaving eating or writing become frustratingly problematic. Most sufferers though have a more subtle form of shaking.

Medications such as antiseizure drugs and mild tranquilizers are effective in around 50% of cases and they often have side effects, including drowsiness and brain fog that can make them an unrealistic option. We've heard injections of Botox can help head and voice tremors but are not so effective for hand tremors because weakness caused by the Botox can result.

So how can magnesium help?

The science is pretty simple really. Along with all the other benefits of magnesium it helps to regulate nerve impulses and muscle contraction. That's one of its primary functions and it does it well. Additionally, Magnesium can help with stress, one of the causal factors of shaking (together with alcohol consumption in some people, and insomnia.)

Our CEO recently spoke at a Parkinsons sufferers seminar in Sydney (although essential tremors are NOT Parkinsons.). As debilitating as Parkinsons can be, magnesium may be able to at least help with one of the symptoms - the shaking.

If you or someone you know suffers from essential tremors tell them relief is 'at hand.'

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