I am sick of magnesium.

I am sick of magnesium.

I have been writing about the innumerable health benefits of magnesium for years. I am sick of it. I have had enough. I can't think of another word to write about it this evening. Yes it IS amazing stuff and yes it can help all these problems and blah blah blah blah...

Before I found these amazing oils I was a yoga teacher for 35 years. My wife and I ran one of the largest yoga school in Australia. We spent years in India, Nepal and Tibet searching for the fastest and easiest ways for people to be comfortable in their bodies. We took our children to live in Himalayan caves high in mountainous forests surrounded by wild tigers.



Yes it was an unusual time for the kids. Do you think our childrens educations should provide at least some information on the best ways to use their bodies and minds? Why are we not taught how mind, feelings, and movement all interact and affect how we view ourselves and the world? We learn nothing about our potentialities in terms of developing the personality in a balanced way. Or how that balance affects our posture and state of mind. 

Most people today think of Yoga as a slightly woo-woo new age type of exercise which involves leggings and tight butts. And so it has largely become in the West. Nothing wrong with that, but it is like buying an expensive car and only ever taking it to the end of your driveway. A waste of potentialities. 



That was me on the Ganges in India many years ago. I am not suggesting that you learn to sit like that :) This moment are you stuck anywhere in your body? Are you stuck anywhere in your mind? Is there hope of anything but a gradual descent into old age, losing all flexibility of body and mind? Could I interest you in spending four minutes...right here in front of your computer...in making some easy gentle movements that will instantly change your flexibilty? Before you say yes...you have to actually do the movements, not just watch them :) If it does something truly amazing for your shoulders then let me know on Facebook...and I'll put up some more :)  






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