The Calcium Magnesium Health Balance

The Calcium Magnesium Health Balance


Both of these natural minerals are tremendously important for your health and well-being. The ratios for supplementation are a source of constant disagreement in the medical industry. Currently, the generally held belief is for a 50/50 balance, up from a 70/30 balance a few years ago. 

What is NOT well understood is the fact that your body can NOT absorb calcium at all without magnesium. Recent research findings suggest that a too-high calcium intake can cause more problems than it claims to solve, including kidney stones, heel spurs, high blood pressure, heart and prostate problems.

We do know that too much calcium makes for tight muscles and constipation. It also depletes the body's magnesium levels leading to cramping, insomnia and aches and pains, and/or mild anxiety.

A balance of both is required for healthy living. Some doctors claim that 2 or 3 times more magnesium than calcium is the appropriate balance, mainly because we get so much more calcium from our diets than magnesium. 

We do know that calcium is responsible for muscle contraction while magnesium is a muscular relaxant (so really helps with sleeping.) Knowledge of the important balance between these two antagonistic minerals is a prerequisite for a healthy life.

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