Three self-care essentials for surviving winter

Three self-care essentials for surviving winter

For most of us, winter can be a slog. Chilly temperatures, low humidity, shorter days, less sunlight, and dry air all takes its toll. To add to our misery, indoor heat further robs the air of valuable moisture and our joints can ache, our skin becomes dry and cracked and we feel chilled-to-the-bone - this can create low moods to match the low temperatures.

In winter, our magnesium levels can be drastically reduced, adding to the barrage of negative effects on our energy levels, our skin’s moisture content and luminosity and our joint and muscle discomfort.

Winter, more than ever, is a time when we need to take extra care. Nurturing ourselves in small ways with magnesium infused products can make a huge difference in counteracting the effects of the cold dry season, especially on our skin and joints.

Here are three essentials that will help you survive winter.

1. Don’t take overly-hot baths

Who doesn’t love a hot bath in winter? But water that is too hot can have a drastic drying effect on our skin, especially in winter. Lukewarm water is far more gentle and will not strip your skin of essential oils and natural lubricants. Resist the urge to heat up the bath, as the long-term effects will be more challenging on your skin than the cold, dry air.
To boost your magnesium levels, relax your muscles and nurture your skins luminosity, infuse your warm (not hot) bath with a handful of Amazing Oils Magnesium Flakes.

2. Moisturize your skin regularly

We lose moisture from our skin more quickly in winter. Moisturising your skin regularly, especially after washing in the morning and at night will help your skin maintain skin fluidity and prevent excessive moisture loss. Some over-the-counter moisturiser has chemical ingredients that will actually damage skin further, especially in winter. Choose an oil-based moisturizer rather than a water-based one to prevent evaporation and protect skin from winter’s harsh elements.

Amazing Oils Skin Facial Moisturising Treatment, with pure organically sourced magnesium, she butter, coconut oil and natural vitamins will help balance your skins pH levels, increase your skins direct magnesium content, and promote healthy glowing winter skin.

3. Combat arthritis and joint pain by boosting your magnesium levels

Joint pain can occur anytime throughout the year, but in the cold, wet months of winter it becomes worse and often more difficult to cope with. The cold weather impacts our bodies by restricting how much blood it sends to our extremities when we are cold. With less blood circulating around our hands and feed, the soft tissue around our joints becomes less pliable so they feel stiff and tight, resulting in increased pain. Magnesium is natural, fast-acting pain reliever, especially for joint paint and arthritis. Amazing Oils Pain Relief Towelettes are an easy and fast way to apply magnesium directly onto the places that need it most.

We can help

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