What does Your Well-Being Mean to YOU?

What does Your Well-Being Mean to YOU?

I prefer to think of 'well-being' as somehow linked to my levels of happiness. It seems strange to me that nowadays we tend to judge ourselves according to wealth, possessions and opinions.

People with a serious illness see through this facade pretty quickly.

None of those things matter at all when you are sick. Even if you just had a bad night your happiness levels go down. I have some very wealthy friends. They are no happier than my 'hippy' friends. Yet the myth of money and happiness persists, often coupled with a vague sense of 'something is wrong.'

There is one country I visited recently where their GNP (Gross National Product) was secondary to GNH (Gross National Happiness) levels. This means that it has zero greenhouse gas emissions, 60% of the area is regulated to remain as forests, over 10% of their cars are electric. They have free access to the Public Health System where tobacco and alcohol are frowned upon...and so it goes on. Happiness is an inherent aspect of Well-being.

Some symptoms of what are called 'diseases' may be associated with magnesium-deficiency.

Turning to pharmaceuticals can have its own repercussions. I must confess that I am as brainwashed as anybody else. Despite running a magnesium company, I will often grab a head-ache tablet. 

Your magnesium levels may be of great importance in terms of your sense of Well-being. Too many of us only use the Amazing Oils when we are looking for pain-relief. Why?

Did you know that you may lessen your body's magnesium levels with every heartbeat, every movement, every drop of sweat and every time you visit the toilet? That every coffee, alcoholic drink and pharmaceutical affects your levels? Magnesium is a VITAL part of your body's biology. It can even help with mental clarity by enhancing learning and memory. (Medical evidence and references below.)

"Bringing your magnesium levels back to normal may improve a huge range of your health problems."

Keeping those levels up may help prevent the symptoms from occurring again. 

So look, I don't know about you, but I would prefer to maximise my opportunities to be happy. I would prefer to keep my mind and body in a state of Well-being. I hereby promise myself to keep my Amazing Oils roll-on next to my toothbrush, and at the very least, I will use it on the tops of my feet every night. I promise :)




The medical references below are intended as education regarding the effects of magnesium deficiency. They do not refer to this specific product.

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