What's the difference between the blue and red range of Amazing Oils?

What's the difference between the blue and red range of Amazing Oils?

The blue or Pain Range is our original product, the one that started out literally in our kitchen sink. It's a pure organically certified product with the magnesium extracted from salt lakes in Australia.
Regardless of the format, spray, roll-on, flakes or wipes etc it contains a carefully formulated amount of magnesium for maximum bio-availability (effect and absorbtion).
The flakes go through a separate refining process.
The roll on has a harmless gelling agent added , without which it would leak out.
All of this range is totally odorless.

The red or Recovery Range is identical to the blue range with the exception that it contains extra ingredients-menthol and wintergreen.
Wintergreen is a well known beneficial herbal extract and is used in many pain relieving products. It is an entirely natural product, another gift from mother nature and thus a perfectly harmonious choice to add to our original for specific sports use. There's a great article on the benefits of Wintergreen here

The biggest difference you will notice between the two products however is that the recovery range has a wonderful menthol / sporty smell.

Both products will give the maximum dose of magnesium that can be absorbed and used effectively by the body on application.

Note: Our children's products have a different formula and our cosmetic range is a fundamentally different product and formula maximised for the intended specific use.


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