Could you benefit from a better nights' sleep?

(How to Sleep your Way to the Top!)                              

Relief of insomnia

World best-selling author, health expert and owner of Huffington Post, Ariana Huffington says her health and financial success is due to 'getting a good night's sleep.' 



Relief of Insomnia?

Arianna says our society is in 'a sleep deprivation crisis.' So how can magnesium help you to get adequate healthful rest?

A Dr. W. Davis ran medical studies which trialled the use of magnesium chloride on 200 patients. The results were that sleep was induced rapidly and the sleep was uninterrupted. Daytime fatigue disappeared. An unexpected bonus was that anxiety and stress diminished. (W. Davis and F. Ziady, “The Role of Magnesium in Sleep,” Montreal Symposium).

Of course, we knew all that :) Our clients have been writing to us for years telling us about the improvement to their sleeping habits:

insomnia magnesium oil chloride"I sleep so soundly now. I just cannot tell you all what this product has done for my life. As a nurse I knew the benefits of magnesium and I did begin to take it in tablet form but it disagreed with my stomach. I swear by this product and I have needed no medication at all in nearly 3 weeks. Words cannot even come close to explaining how emotional and blessed I feel. Thank you Amazing Oils.

That seems so inadequate but THANKYOU x "

How does it work? 

Put a little Amazing Oils onto the tops of your feet/back of the legs and rub in just before bedtime. I recommend NOT using the magnesium on your upper body late at night as one in four people will have an energy increase. On your lower back/legs and feet it has the opposite effect. 








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