The Active Pack

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​In this pack you'll receive pure, organically sourced Magnesium Chloride​, from the pristine salt lakes of Australia​.​

+ 800g Bath Flakes 
+ 250ml Spray
+ 60ml Gel Roll-on

​The Bath Flakes​
For best results we recommend soaking for 15-20 minutes minimum.

Each p​a​ck will ​provide you with 8 luxurious soaks, or 20+ foot baths​.
The 250ml Spray

Leave it ​next to the bed or ​on the bathroom ​bench ​for easy access to your daily Magnesium supplement and pain control.

​The Roll-On ​Gel

Keep it in your handbag, gym bag or even the car - this is the most convenient item to use when you're on the go!