After reading so many of your comments, I wanted to pass on some more information about the ‘tingling thing’ which some of you experience when first using the Amazing Oils.

So now that is off my chest, let me tell you a little more about your body and magnesium. I only discovered this myself a few months ago when talking with an clinical researcher who is helping us with our medical testing.

I had always supposed that your body’s magnesium levels were homogeneous, that is, the same from head to toe.

Apparently not.

This is my current understanding:

Where there has been an injury, your body sends white blood cells to the area. This initial response comes about through a ‘flash’ of calcium. This is an appropriate and healthy response but can also cause scarring or calcification of the area. This scarring can then attract more calcium deposits manifesting as ‘lumps and bumps’ on the surface or a lack of movement internally. This will then cause you even more pain and inflammation, even long after the actual problem has had the time to heal.

Still with me?

So specific areas of pain in your body can be suffering from an excess of calcification (and don’t get me started about why we do NOT need more calcium (unless you want me to?)

Topical (transdermal) magnesium can often de-calcify the specific area of suffering and thus stop the pain. So this explains how TRANSDERMAL magnesium can be so effective when magnesium supplements fail to make a difference (not to mention how much you would lose in your digestive system.)

Regarding the tingling, if it persists (unlikely after reading the original post) then use it somewhere else and not on the sensitive areas. The tops of your feet every night is a good general protocol. As always, if symptoms persist-see your doctor.



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