Without Magnesium there is NO life on Earth

Before I even begin writing – a warning: It's complicated' because magnesium is essential for so many bodily functions that its influence cannot be wrapped in a nifty sentence or soundbite.

There are a LOT of theories around the new implications of this mineral which may be  almost as important as air and water for humans. It IS complicated, but I do not intend to give you a headache with long words and complicated theories. 

Sad to say, many doctors have never even studied minerals and their effects on human health and well-being.

Those who do have an awareness of its effects are thankfully beginning to prescribe it.  It is also interesting to note that, in the following studies, most out-patients were found to be magnesium-deficient.     Medical Studies Bioavailabilty References

This information will of course be referring principally to the Amazing Oils Australia brand, organically sourced in Australia. Let me be clear…there is NO oil in Magnesium Oil. None.

The name ‘oil’ just stuck. When we discovered a type of Magnesium hidden in Australian Salt Lakes, we were excited to discover that it absorbed completely, leaving no residue on the skin.

Magnesium. The Heart of Life on Planet Earth.

All life on Earth relies upon the process of photosynthesis whereby plants and other organisms convert the light of the sun to chemical energy which they use to grow. The molecule which absorbs the light and converts it into energy is Chlorophyll. The central atom in the Chlorophyll molecule, also known as the organising atom is Magnesium.

As dramatic as it may sound, without Magnesium there is NO life on Earth. In the human body, without Magnesium in your cells you would be unable to move a muscle or even think a thought.

Every one of the 50 trillion cells in your body contains and requires Magnesium.   


















 Let's focus on HOW the topical Magnesium may bring about such changes.

Modern medicine is only just discovering the benefits and potentialities of transdermal applications. 

When offering Amazing Oils to the general public, we originally said that the Magnesium was absorbed through the pores of the skin. This is not always the case, though there is some follicular absorption plus evidence that the Magnesium Chloride molecule can actually be absorbed directly through the cell wall. Nonetheless, although this leads to the possibility of the molecule being absorbed into ‘Magnesium gates’ in the cell, it did not explain the speed of the pain-relief in a body with adequate Magnesium levels.

Latest Medical Theories: My elementary bio-chemistry studies did not provide me with any certainty around this. As a customer once said to me (he was a bio-chemist) ” I don’t really care that my pain has gone… I want to know HOW it has gone so quickly!” I had to admit that I still had not found a satisfying answer and would continue to research the subject. Then, just a few months ago, medical researchers from the Umea University in Sweden discovered that the skin contains neurons (brain cells) which can actually think! Although it was known that there were rudimentary neurons in the skin which transmitted information on touch and temperature, the Swedish researchers discovered that there are also neurons on and in the skin which can perform such advanced calculations that, up to now, it was thought that only the brain could accomplish! So certain molecules placed on the surface of the skin can be instantly recognised and the signal would be sent throughout the entire Central Nervous System!

This was a revelation for me. I read the medical report in Nature Magazines’ Neuroscience section. Medical references