""I can't help mysef. I'm so over the moon and excited about your products ?
I woke during the night with terrible pain in my forearm due to an elbow reconstruction 15 years ago and torn ligaments, one spray of magnesium and 30 seconds later, no pain. I've never found anything that helps me so quickly and that isn't a drug. Why wouldn't I be yelling from the rooftops?"
Mary-Anne Rodgers

"I have been using your products for some time now and have great results. Here is a photo of my dog Merlin from today having a magnesium hydrobath, he is recovering from spinal surgery from 4 mths ago and has sore muscles from time to time with some nerve damage. I thought what the heck it would be worth trying! I have been using the oil on him but felt it would be cool to try soaking him in it for 15 minutes. Kind regards Emma & Merlin"?
Emma Jane Kidd


"Works amazingly. Only thing that has worked on my 2 year olds skin. She had Molluscum Contagiousum and it's the only thing that has stopped them. (Doctors told me there is nothing I can do, but let it go on its own.) They are now drying up and her skin is healing nicely after only 3 weeks."   :)
Jo Maffei

"I have been having problems with my foot. I went to see a podiatrist who diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis. After some painful massaging and some really painful acupuncture he strapped my foot. So you're probably wondering where your product comes into it?? I apply it to my foot and calf 2-3x a day.

I applied it after 9 holes of golf yesterday and barely limped. Once again your amazing product has worked for me! I'm a hairdresser. I have one of the busiest times of year coming up!! I'm so happy to know my poor feet are going to be able to hold me up. I have another appointment with my physio tomorrow. I'm going to show him your product as he recommends the powdered magnesium. Yours is a direct delivery. Far more effective!!!"

Thank you again for your amazing oil!!! ?

Lia Scacchia

Via our Facebook page 4th December 2015


"So today I went back to hug the Lady that I bought your Amazing Oil from a month ago. During the last month I have used it every day on my neck, shoulders and legs and on my feet at night to help me sleep, I cannot believe that a product can do what it does, I no longer take 6 Panadeine Forte and 2 Endones a day, for the first time in 11 yrs since my car accident I have relief from chronic pain.

I have showed a lot of people in the last month and they also were amazed, from arthritis to carpal tunnel it just took the pain away.. Finally I can move around as free as anything, Thank you very much for your Amazing product. Blessings xx"

Helen Palethorpe

From our Facebook page 5th December 2015 

"I use the magnesium flakes in my drinking water and I forgot to add it for a few days and boy what a difference! Jumping legs and I was very unsettled in myself, especially at night trying to sit and watch a bit of tv. Can't recommend the use of this highly enough."

Tracey Zvirblis

From our Facebook page 21st October 2015

"Amazing product - was told I need a total knee replacement and have been using this oil for the past nine days. No pain and feel so energised. Have not stopped posting about this on my facebook and all my friends are so impressed that they have started ordering and using it.

Delivery has been prompt and cannot stop singing my praises about this miracle oil. Thank you I have my life back after two years.

The only problem I came across when I started using the oil was swollen lymph glands that have now disappeared. I read somewhere that it is because the toxins in my body are being removed.

Any one else had this happen to them. It really was not a problem just a tad scary thinking it may have been something else."

Urs Lee

From our Facebook page 11th January 2015