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June 11, 2020 2 min read


Does the thought of winter leave you feeling congested, stuffy, and racing to stockpile on the decongestants?

Turns out spending time in a room full of salt might just be exactly what you need this season to finally kick the congestion. Here's what you need to know about salt therapy.

Salt therapy (aka Halotherapy) is a spa treatment that uses salt vapour to treat respiratory ailments like asthma, allergies, and colds, along with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.The treatment essentially involves sitting in a room (often referred to as a salt cave, house, or bath) filled with rock salt and inhaling breathable salt that’s pumped into the air by a halogenerator.

Salt Therapy, at home?

Halotherapy is more familiar than it might initially seem. Case in point: anyone who’s ever gargled with salt water to quell a sore throat, or even disinfected a wound with salt water has practised “wet halotherapy.”Here's the good news - if you can’t make it to a salt room, you can create your own ‘salt therapy’ experience at home with a magnesium bath! All you need are your Amazing Oils magnesium salts, and you guessed it, a bath.

To achieve similar whole-body benefits with your DIY salt therapy, add two cups of your Amazing Oils magnesium salts in warm water, and soak away for at least 20 minutes. Not only will you be getting the same benefits as you would in a salt therapy room, but you'll also be getting the added benefits of magnesium to help with any swelling, stiffness and pain. According to Healthline, increasing your body temperature can improve circulation, calm your nervous system, detoxify your body, and release endorphins - the DIY salt therapy in the bath might just be what you need this winter!

What's the history behind salt therapy?

The Greek and Romans were reportedly the first to get salty, bathing in the compound to cure a suite of ailments. Halotherapy, or salt therapy, (‘Halo’ is the Greek word for salt) reproduces the naturally occurring environments of salt mines found in countries like Poland and Russia. And like other wellness practices, halotherapy dates way back. In fact, it was first officially recogniSed as a therapy by Polish physician Dr. Felikz Boczowski in 1843, who’d taken note of the absence of respiratory problems in salt mine workers.

Need more convincing? Here's our verdict.

Not one to shy away from an experiment, we tried both salt therapy's, our at-home DIY and our local salt cave. The results - both are incredibly relaxing and incredibly chill. For your winter woes, it feels like you are using an inhaler, as if your bronchial tubes become free or more elastic. Be prepared to walk away from the salt therapy experience feeling sleepy, relaxed, calm and breathing much easier. Final verdict?Home bodies at heart, we do love being able to have a magnesium bath at home (especially because we can treat ourselves to a glass of wine), but if you are looking for a special self-care treat, your local salt cave could be the answer.