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Liz Power

Magic stuff. I used the oil yesterday for bursitis/inflammation pain I have in my left buttock/iITB/upper thigh area. First night in a month I could sleep properly as I had no pain whatsoever after massaging the oil into these areas every 4 hours yesterday.

Nat McCola

Fantastic! I'm a runner who also does regular weight training. The difference that this has made to my recovery has been huge. I tried the cheaper "other" brand but it just didn't cut it. So I'm back to using the amazing oil magnesium & needless-to-say, I'm recovering well next day. Totally worth every cent. Add the bonus of a great night's sleep...highly recommend these products.

Leigh Cavanagh

I can't say enough about Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil, it has literally saved my sanity! As a Restless Leg Syndrome Sufferer it was so wonderful to find something that stopped it within minutes of application & it has improved so many areas of my life. I had my Mag levels tested & they were low but after using Mag Oil for only 6 mths they improved significantly & so did my general health. I sleep better & have more energy through the day.

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