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Magnesium, As Individual As You

Magnesium that actually works. Imagine a range of oral and topical magnesium products that have been designed to suit your lifestyle and give youthe benefits you need, instantly.

Discover a goodnight rest/sleep with magnesium. A natural solution to sleep deprivation. Relax your mind and your body with a range of products formulated to support a good nights rest.

Simple, natural and effective magnesium products. We scrutinize every ingredient and its source to ensure we provide you with the highest quality and purity in all aspects of our formulations. We like to keep things simple, the way nature intended.

How would I know if I was magnesium deficient?

If you notice symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency, such as cramping, headaches, high anxiety-levels or aches and pains it could be an indication that your body (or even a specific body part) could benefit from magnesium.This is always going to be an individual experience, as your magnesium uptake is dependent on so many variables. Unfortunately, the usual blood tests offered by most doctors do not give an accurate representation of your body’s magnesium levels. This is because only 0.7% of your total magnesium levels are carried in the blood supply.

How can I test my magnesium levels?

For a more specific indication of your current magnesium levels you can ask for an RBC blood test, which is more accurate than a general blood test (you will still need to have some blood drawn). There is also another test, called an EXA test which checks how the mineral is released from your cells.

What type of magnesium is best?

If you are looking at forms of topical magnesium, magnesium chloride based products have been found to have better absorption through the skin.Alternative types such as magnesium sulphate, more commonly known as epsom salts are used predominantly used for detox purposes. The best type of magnesium will depend on you as an individual and what result you would like to achieve.

Magnesium is now available in a variety of different forms and applications, giving us greater selection than we've ever had before.

Orally, there are approximately 10 common forms of magnesium that all differ in uptake (how much your body can absorp). In our experience, we have found Magnesium L-Threonate, Citrate, Glycinate, Malate and Carbonate to offer superior uptake and give more desirable results. If you're unsure, it's always worth speaking to your trusted health advisor for advice.

Can I still use magnesium if I'm taking other supplements/medication?

Good question! The short answer is - it depends.

For topical magnesium there are very few contraindications, however, it's always advisable to check in with a trusted health advisor who knows you and your current health regime.

In terms of using both oral and topical magnesium together, this is usually fine as magnesium is not spread evenly throughout your body. Most of the magnesium in your body is kept and utilised by your heart (in fact, the most importantmineral for your heart's electrical function). After supplying the heart, magnesium is distributed where needed throughout your body. A good indication of using too much magnesium can be a loose bowel movement.