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Our New Look

We recently updated the look and feel of our product packaging.

This new packaging aims to simplify our existing range of magnesium products so you can choose the perfect product to suit your needs.

Magnesium As Individual As You.

After feedback from our customers, we grew to realise that our original packaging was confusing and in some cases, difficult to read.

We wanted to simplify our ranges, and provide magnesium to suit everybody! Thus was the birth of our new packaging and new ranges.

We now stock magnesium products in the following categories (in addition to our Skin & Baby ranges):





More ranges to come soon!

Old To New Packaging

Here is a visual guide to help you recognise what your favourite products now look like.


Some of the confusion has been in knowing which product to use when, where, and for who?
For example; what was the difference between the Natural Magnesium and the Magnesium Pro?

Is one stronger or better than the other? In fact they are each simply better suited to different people depending on skin type, lifestyle and personal preference.

Our new packaging is designed to be more self explanatory, clearly communicating the purpose of each range, making it easier to understand what product to use, and why.

We now stock magnesium products in the following categories (in addition to our Skin and Baby ranges):

This range is for you if you are wanting to improve your overall health with an easy and effective, tablet free, daily Magnesium supplement. This is our original, unfiltered Natural Magnesium Oil organically sourced from underneath salt lakes in Australia. Because it is unfiltered, our Daily Magnesium contains many beneficial trace elements, which for some people, can give a tingly or sometimes itchy sensation on the skin, this is completely normal and usually subsides within a week of regular use.

This is for you if you have sensitive skin, or if you prefer a Magnesium that does not tingle or feel ever-so-slightly oily on your skin. Our Sensitive Range does not contain the natural trace elements present in the Daily Range and is designed to feel like water, it's fast absorbing and leaves no residue.

This range is for you if you are having trouble falling or staying asleep. The Sleep range is infused with calming lavender and chamomile essential oils, which both have a sedative effect. Applied to the lower back, lower legs and feet in the evening, it absorbs well and a little goes a long way (alternatively, try a bath in the luxurious flakes). Suitable for the whole family from toddlers to the elderly.

This range is for you if you need a bit of extra pain relief with your Magnesium. Whether for recovery from sports, injury or inflammation, the Wintergreen, Menthol, Chilli Extract and Arnica in our Active range have wonderfully cooling and analgesic properties that will bring fast relief where you need it.