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We asked our CEO to recount his first customer experience


Lee (Founder): Well the first customer the pharmacist who had fibromyalgia but the first customer I had direct contact with, was the first time I set up the markets at Eumundi. As luck would have it the first couple that came into the stall - have you ever seen hands like this? The man had hands literally bent over like this and quite honestly I was a bit skepytical myself at the time.

He said "Do you think you can do anything for these?" and I said "Look I have no idea, I know it's good for arthritis... but why don't you try it and see how it goes? If you don't mind... if nothing happens, just keep quiet would you because this is my first time here." He laughed.

We put some stuff into his hands and he wandered off. About 20 minutes later, his wife came running through the crowd, holding onto him. She was crying and came into my stall. She said "He hasn't held my hand in 7 years." Amazingly, this guys hand had opened up enough, that the joints had released enough within 20 minutes. I knew right then that we had somethings amazing on our hands. That was my first customer.

Meet Graham

Graham discovered Amazing Oils roughly 7 years ago after his hands became unusable. He was a football trainer that could no longer massage the players or rip the tape. He's been a regular Amazing Oils advocate for so long we feel like he's part of the team. Take a listen to his miraculous story about his experience.

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