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May 25, 2021 3 min read

Are you craving a nice warm bath?

While Australia can not claim to have the coldest winters, you will no doubt be feeling the temperature drop as we head into cooler months, and if, like us, this has you craving a nice warm bath, there are a few scientifically excellent reasons to indulge!

Aside from warming and washing, baths have a number of really important benefits to the body and mind - below we share a few tips for giving them an extra therapeutic boost, but first...Why baths?

Research shows the main benefits to be reduced pain, better sleep and improved mood.

  • Brighter mood- Being submerged in warm water reduces stress and anxiety by calming the nervous system. Not only this, an increase in your body temperature raises serotonin levels, inducing feelings of well-being, positivity and a brighter mood.
  • Reduced pain - Being submerged in water takes the weight off the joints and the entire muscular/skeletal system, relieving pressure on areas of discomfort - regular baths help to reduce pain and inflammation. Serotonin is also involved with regulating pain receptors, in fact, low serotonin levels actually lower your pain threshold, which is why anti-depressants are regularly prescribed for chronic pain conditions.
  • Deeper sleep - Increasing your core body temperature with a regular afternoon bath, helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, which governs your sleep wake cycle. Ensuring your body temperature is warmer in the day and cooler at night stimulates the production and release of melatonin, your essential sleep hormone.
  • Blood flow and oxygenation- Steam works to clear your airways, you breath deeper and slower, both the warmth and the weight of water on the chest promotes increased blood flow, giving the heart a healthy workout while oxygenating and bringing nutrients to all the cells of your body.

Therapeutic Bath Tips

Optimal temperature for bath water is just a few degrees warmer than body temperature - around 40 to 45C. If you have a bath at night, keep your bedroom cool so that your core temperature is able to drop and melatonin can be released.

Warm low lighting, soothing feel good music and beautiful scents all work to relax and restore the body and mind. If you do not have an oil burner, adding a few drops of essential oil straight into your bath will help you to unwind or be invigorated, depending on what need and the oils you choose.

For example:

    • 2 drops of Wintergreen and menthol eases sore muscles, aches and pains and supports recovery from sports or injury.
    • An oat bag + 3 drops of calendula calms and repairs inflamed, dry or itchy skin such as eczema or dermatitis.
    • 4 drops of Lavender and chamomile soothes the nervous system into deep relaxation and sleep.
    • 3 drops of grapefruit, orange or rosemary will uplift, invigorate and brighten your mood.

When the skin is warm, pores are open and ready to absorb, so it’s a perfect opportunity to replenish your whole system with Magnesium.

Our daily magnesium flakes are an ideal addition and compliment to any bath, supercharging all the benefits mentioned above.

Add an oil such as jojoba or sweet almond to your bath 10 minutes into soaking. This allows time for you to absorb the salts but then prevents the skin from drying out, leaving you feeling silky soft… a little bit luxurious!

 *Please be conscientious and responsible for your own health and speak with your doctor if you have a heart condition before taking hot baths.  

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- Written by Ruth, Resident Naturopath at Amazing Oils

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