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June 03, 2020 3 min read


Almost everyone loves a good bath. After a long day, few things feel better than slipping into a lovely warm bath and letting the day go.

As we move into winter, a warm bath might just be the recharging, self-care ritual you need to get through the chillier nights. Not convinced? Here arefive reasons you need to be adding baths to your routine.

1. Baths are a mood booster.

Did you know, your skin releases endorphins in response to the soothing warm water the same way that endorphins are released when you feel the sun on your skin. In short- baths aren't just good for your skin, they're good for your brain as well. According to a study by the Huffington, bathing can diminish feelings of depression and pessimism because they give you a chance to stop the day for a few minutes in a way showers can’t.

2. Baths relieve sore muscles and achy joints.

If you’re experiencing muscle tightness or soreness, a warm bath with magnesium salts sprinkled in can help those muscles relax. According toMedical News, magnesium is a great addition because they help reduce inflammation in the joints and help muscles to relax, while also assisting the body in getting rid of toxins responsible for exacerbating inflammation while also reducing swelling, stiffness, and pain.

Simply soaking the body (also known as transdermal absorption) for 20 minutes is thought to help replenish low magnesium levels. Interestingly, you can get similar results from a foot-bath if you do not have a bath).

3. Baths can actually lower blood sugar levels.

If your doctor has ever told you to watch your blood sugar levels, then a bath might be a great option for you!Scientists recently discovered that taking a hot bath can actually reduce your blood sugar levels. Our blood sugar rises after we eat, and the amount it rises is one of the risk markers for diabetes, so keeping your blood sugar down can be really beneficial to your health. Obviously, baths should not replace healthy eating and a good exercise regimen, but it can be a great addition!

4. Baths are good for your skin.

Although hot water is known to dehydrate the skin, many people think showers are better than baths in the skin department, but that’s actually not the case. The difference between the two bathing methods is that you can add essential oils, magnesium salts, oatmeal, honey etc. to moisturise and replenish the skin in the tub. Just don’t forget to slather on the lotion to lock in the moisture when you get out!

5. Baths are good stress relievers

If you’re like us, a good bath is an instant stress reliever. A warm bath is one of the most powerful self-care options to calm, center and quiet the mind, forcing you to stop multitasking and take a few precious moments for your self. According toHealthline, increasing your body temperature can improve circulation, calm your nervous system, detoxify your body, and release endorphins. These endorphins make you feel good and can get rid of the stress that builds up throughout the day.

There you have it - five reasons to be taking baths this winter! A bath with magnesium chloride flakes feels amazing as the aches and strains dissolve away. When you add your salts to warm bath water, it is very easily assimilated and metabolised by the body, meaning you are topping up your optimal magnesium levels at the same time. A lot less is required to produce much greater benefits - some which include relaxation, reduced inflammation, aid in muscle and nerve function, and detoxification. Don’t forget the deepest sleep you will get afterwards. All from nature. No added chemicals. Pure. Isn’t that just what your body deserves?