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February 26, 2019 2 min read

Catching an unexpected glimpse of myself in shop windows recently, I realised that my posture is changing as I get older.

I know something about postural problems and their effects, due to having studied bio-mechanics, as well as being a yoga instructor for over thirty years. The concept of ageing being 'all in the mind' is not usually shared by those experiencing an increase in doctors visits and a loss of both mobility and flexibility.

'Use it or lose it' is true for both our physical and mental selves. Lack of energy and motivation can make the fight against the debilitation of ageing a struggle. I ruefully admit that my current 'postural droop' has manifested since I stopped my daily yoga practices due to the pressures of running a successful company, or so I tell myself... (it may just be laziness)

Recently I took a tour group to India, the group were mostly in their 70's and amazingly energetic. While they attributed their energy to a no-meat diet, they nonetheless asked me for my opinion on a basic health supplement protocol that they should be implementing as they get older.

Of course, I am biased. In my view, magnesium deficiency can be the cause of many of the problems associated with ageing, both physical and mental. Bringing your magnesium levels back to normal can help you to sleep better, have more mental clarity and physical energy throughout the day, and lose many of the aches and pains associated with old age. 

My response was that it is important that each of us take back control of our own health. We are all unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. We all have internet access nowadays and can research online. Find someone whose advice you can trust.

Find out what works for YOU and do that!