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May 01, 2020 4 min read

Admit it, she’s your everything.

It’s one of our favourite events of the year, and we if know anything, it’s what mums want. While the hugs might be on hold, and finding a gift for the number one woman in your life can be a bit tricky right now, we're helping you to celebrate Mother’s Day (May 10th FYI), with an Amazing Oils gift guide - featuring special hampers tailored to your mum. Whether she is sporty and fit, a self-care expert, the queen of organisation or even a first-time mum… we’ve got you covered.

She raised you. She looked after you when you were sick, put up with your taste in music as a teenager, supported you through questionable life choices and haircuts, and was once, or still is, the leading lady in your life. Your mum deserves to put her feet up this Mother’s Day. In fact, we think she deserves to put her feet up all month. Welcome to Mother’s Month. We're dedicating the month of May to celebrating mum. Mum's month. 

While you'll be able to spoil her with some of our Amazing limited edition hampers all month long, tell mum to watch out for our self-care tips, funny kid stories, mum stories and more on our Facebook and Instagram

We know that mum works very hard, and now is the time for her to relax, indulge and take some much needed time for her. (Drumroll please)... these Mother’s month we present, our Limited Edition Hampers! Tailored to four types of mum, all you need to do is pick which type of mum you have and we'll take care of the rest.

So what kind of mum do you have?

  1. The Sporty Mum, active & organised!
  2. The Dreamer Mum, care expert...
  3. The Essentials Mum, has it all figured out.
  4. The New Mum, ultimate multitasker!

1. Do you have a Sporty Mum? Here's how to spot her:
On the weekend when other mums might be relaxing or catching up on their to-do lists, Sporty Mum is out running marathons, going to yoga classes, or hiking up some mountain you’ve never heard of. She’s fit, she’s active, and we all know that if it came down to it, she would run laps around you. In fact, she could be a trainer on The Biggest Loser just like Tiffany Hall. 

What she needs:
The best relaxation tools in the market? Tick. Her daily fuel from Amazonia? Tick. A treat from Clif that no sporty mum could resist? Tick. The all essential sidekick from Cheeki? Tick, tick, tick.

Get the hamper:

2. Is your mum a Dreamer Mum? Here's how to spot her:
She is the mum who has everything. She is known for self-care rituals, long baths with a wine in hand, and a slightly more luxurious approach to life. She knows how to take care of herself but more importantly, everyone around her. Did someone say, Victoria Beckham?

What she needs:
An IOU just won’t cut it. Dreamer mum needs a date night… for one. The ultimate self-care package is high on her wish list, and we’re delivering the goods. Our Hamper includes sleep and bath essentials from us, a wine tumbler from Cheeki, hydrating eye masks from everyone's favourite 24k Goddess. A fitting brand for the goddess in your life.

Get the hamper:

3. Is your leading lady an Essentials Mum? 
More commonly known as the organised mum, our Essentials mum can be counted on to have a first aid kit fully stocked, a pantry overflowing and the next six-month calendar mapped out to the day. She is prepped and we love it. This mum is a Debra Barone, through and through.

What she needs:
With this mum being a lover of the essentials, she deserves our Amazing Oils essentials - relaxing Bath Flakes and our most popular product, the Magnesium Spray. Rounding out the hamper are some Mother’s Day essentials. Little chocolate treat from Alter Eco. Yes please. Some self-care love from Ethique? You’ll be the favourite child for years. Speaking of essentials, let’s not forget the wine - the icing on the cake - a tumbler from Cheeki.

Get the Hamper:

4. Last and most definitely not least, the New Mum.
The superwoman of Mumma’s! Easily spotted by the permanent eyebags, messy bun, the camera roll of baby pictures, and a new-found ability to multitask like a Queen. Or a princess. This mum is definitely the Meghan Markle of the group. All hail!  

What she needs:
Something for Bub? Say no more - a calm baby, and a well-rested baby equals one happy Mumma. And do we have just the thing - our baby calm gel roll-onand sleepy toes towelette. To make things a bit easier for mum on the go, we have a Cheeki food storage container, as well as a tasty bite-sized treat from Blue Dinosaur. Finally, a delicious Kintra calming and relaxing tea. It will be her best Mother's Day yet. 

Get the hamper: 

 We love our mums! Even though this Mother's Day might look a little different in isolation, a big happy Mother's Day to all of the mums and caregivers out there. Where would we be without you!