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February 26, 2019 1 min read

Your pain regardless of the cause is real enough. Magnesium can offer help and hope and if you are the end of a long diagnostic journey. We know that hope is important, hope for a good night's sleep, hope for a pain free day, hope for the old you to make a comeback.

Perhaps the root cause of your symptoms is still poorly understood and an easy convenient diagnosis is unavailable.

Pain can have multiple triggers and sources.

When we at Amazing Oils look at poorly understood conditions and look at lists of symptoms we are often struck by how many things on those lists (but by no means all) are also the same symptoms that Magnesium Deficiency produces.

Whilst we are not suggesting that magnesium deficiency is always a cause, we do know that topical magnesium may often be very effective at tackling and alleviating those same symptoms.

We personally know people who have many of these symptoms. Magnesium is helping them today and every day to get their lives back on track, on their own terms.

Try it now. If you get relief from just one of those symptoms it will be worth it. If you get relief from more than one, we expect you'll be shouting it from the rooftops, in the gym, on the sports field, the swimming pool, the dance floor and all those other places. You may be more like the person you were before this entered your life.

We suggest you start with a 250 ml bottle (lasts for months) or our bath flakes so you can immerse yourself in all that good magnesium.