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February 26, 2019 2 min read

If you have greying and/or receding hair you'll have probably read quite a lot about it and perhaps become a bit confused by the conflicting information out there.


Solutions to hair loss are like finding the holy grail. Anyone who definitively does so will have money poured on their own (I assume) hairy heads forevermore. There's a lot of contradictory information from competing 'cures'

What we can tell you is about the important role of magnesium and magnesium deficiency in both greying and thinning of your hair. By the end of this you should at least stop losing your hair over all the anxiety and confusion.

Hair Loss

Magnesium oil applied on the scalp has the benefit of nourishing the tissues, which also reduces problems related to dandruff. It also can enter the pores and dissolve the calcium ions that are blocking the hair follicles because magnesium plays a pivotal role in regulating calcium imbalances.

Calcium blocking of the pores is bad for your hair growth and regrowth and unblocking of the pores is one of the best things you can do to help the hair (and that's what magnesium is for and very good at.)


Those of you who visit the site regularly will know we don't make outrageous claims and we're not going to start now (about greying hair.) There isn’t a lot of medical data to back it up, but some research does show that magnesium deficiency may be behind some (not all) causes of gray hair.

If this is the cause of your greying, then making sure your magnesium stores are optimal could stop or even reverse the greying of your hair. It's so easy to get the right amount of magnesium into your system.

You'll see many posts talking about magnesium supplements to be taken orally. We don't make nor promote them because we believe that this is a poor way to get it into your system with up to 90% being lost in the gut (and it's a laxative). Applied directly to the skin magnesium has optimal absorption and gets to work right away. So some sources are recommending massaging the topical magnesium into your scalp a couple for times a week. They are suggesting using a dermal roller for an even better result.

So what's the bottom line here?

Magnesium is critical for so many processes in the body and most of us are magnesium deficient, this alone is reason enough to use it. However if your greying or thinning hair is the result of magnesium deficiency then you've found the best thing to help as well as making sure your body stays in tip top condition. 

Yes we know that our CEO is bald. He says he likes it that way.