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November 25, 2016 2 min read


Firstly, thanks for your patience. It really does take a long time to bring a new product to market. Our main issue has been that the moisturiser was taking on a different viscosity depending on the temperature. (Rectified August 2015) When it is VERY hot, it can become quite liquid, and when cold becomes more solid. This does not affect the qualities of the moisturiser at all, but can be disconcerting if you need to open it carefully on a hot day! One way to remedy this was to add chemicals…we really do not want to do that, this is a totally natural product and we want to keep it that way. An alternative is to recommend keeping the moisturiser in the fridge, or specifying location requirements eg, Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra/Adelaide = no probs. Summertime in Qld and WA- = leave it in the fridge etc.

So far, we are making the moisturisers individually, by hand, which really limits our ability to get it out there as we only have a few available each week.

STOP PRESS: August 2015. Our new batches are very stable, we are happy to report!


So what have we found from the few hundred that have been snapped up so far? (Here comes the good news) So far only very good reports. We already knew that the moisturiser removes sub-cutaneous lumps and bumps, and several varieties of seborrheic keratosis (facial moles.) This is not as quickly as the Ugly Bits Sticks though. We already knew that it helps to make the skin dramatically more youthful and adds an in-built glow.

When the moisturiser goes through several strong temperature changes it can get tiny white (coconut oil) spots. We have reformulated it so that now it is more hardy in different conditions and remains firm under a wider temperature range. Those of you with very dry skin are telling us they prefer to use it on 2 out of 3 nights and then their normal moisturiser on the 3rd night.


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