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Introducing Magnesium Pro. For the Sceptics.

June 04, 2018 1 min read

The Harold Family

Some of you might know that my family and I started Amazing Oils seven years ago when my Dad was diagnosed with a serious illness (read more in About Us). What you likely don't know is that it took me THREE YEARS to convince my Mother to even try our Amazing Magnesium Oil.

My Mum is the ultimate sceptic. She never came to one of my yoga classes in 20 years. She didn't care that our products were natural and organically certified. She didn't care about the reviews and testimonials I showed her. She wanted to hear it from her doctor. Maybe you know someone similar, or maybe you've been fooled so many times that you've also become a sceptic?

Well, don't worry. Because we gave our scientists the task of reverse engineering our Amazing Natural Magnesium and they've created a lab tested, scientifically formulated Magnesium Spray using pharmaceutical grade Magnesium. Magnesium Pro. You'll likely see it on the shelves in chemists and pharmacies soon.

Magnesium Pro Science

This isn't just big news for sceptics. It's big news for anyone who cares about Magnesium. The number of dodgy Magnesium Oil companies operating illegally without Government approval is growing wild. They're importing all kinds of Magnesium and mixing it with all kinds of wacky stuff. With Magnesium Pro we have a lot more options when it comes to doing test studies and keeping the public properly informed about the benefits of Magnesium. 

Click the image below to get yours now.

Magnesium Pro Spray (200ml)

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