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May 05, 2022 3 min read


How does magnesium benefit the skin?

Does Magnesium feature in your skin care routine? If not, read on my friend.

Magnesium is extremely beneficial for the skin, helping to clear up all manner of blemishes, maintain good tone and keep your skin feeling and looking fresh and youthful.

From spot treatments to overall complexion to detoxification to reversing wrinkles. As is typical of magnesium, it is incredibly versatile in benefits to the skin.

Magnesium deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin, breaking up fats and oils and drawing dirt out from the pores. It reduces the excess oils and sebum which lead to acne, as well as encouraging healthy levels of fatty acids within your skin, without which, the skin loses its elasticity and youthful appearance.

Magnesium also has the ability to calm the redness and inflammation of skin conditions like rosacea, eczema and dermatitis as well as tougher conditions like psoriasis. It's wise to use sparingly at first and build up slowly if your skin is sensitive.

Here is a quick breakdown of our three world-first Magnesium based skin care products, how to use them, plus ingenious hacks for each you won’t want to live without!

Fix my Face

If you're looking for small batch, 100% natural and organic skincare, this one’s for you.

Our moisturiser is lovingly made by hand and in house, only with organic ingredients, and it has a bit of a cult following, thanks to its ability to defy the laws of ageing.

With Shea Butter, Coconut, Apricot and Hazelnut oils plus Magnesium and Vitamin E, Fix My Face delivers intensive hydration with skin loving nutrients and antioxidants. It protects from the elements and with regular use evens out skin tone and texture by fading away fine lines, sun spots and pigmentation.

How to use

After cleansing, apply a pea sized amount to the whole face and décolletage, massaging in until well absorbed.

  • For very dry skin use as a daily moisturiser.
  • For oily skin use as a night cream or weekly treatment.
  • For anti- aging use as a night cream or weekly treatment.

*Secret hack - Apply before the shower

Customers have told us they love applying fix my face before a warm shower, like a face mask. This is clever because it encourages deep absorption of the magnesium and all those beautiful oils, while the pores are soft and open.

Ugly Bits Stick

Our incredibly popular blemish correction stick is designed to remove or reduce unwanted skin imperfections such as skin tags, blackheads, acne, certain types of warts, sun spots, general lumps/bumps and pigmentation. By using such a highly concentrated form of magnesium, you are naturally (and organically) 'drying/detoxifying/exfoliating' a very specific area on your skin. No surgery, no nasties, no scarring.

The ugly bits stick is our most concentrated formula having been through an intensive evaporation process, this means it works faster than our original Daily magnesium.

How to use

Apply liberally using the roller ball on the spot itself and around the outside (at least 1cm either side) until the desired result is achieved.

We suggest using 4 - 6x daily for best results. If you only remember 1-2x a day, this is also fine, however, results may take a little longer.

*Secret hack - Migraine relief

When the muscles of the neck and head are locked up in a tension headache or migraines, only the strongest concentration of magnesium will cut it! Apply the roller to the base of the skull where it meets the neck, the temples and jaw are also spots that can get really tight and use some release. Repeat every 15 minutes until you experience relief.

Body Repair Lotion

For top to toe luxurious skin conditioning, our Body Repair Lotion is the most versatile of our skincare, and with its 15% magnesium content, it's the easiest way to get a daily dose of magnesium into your skin. Enriched with grape seed oil, cacao seed butter and chamomile to nourish and repair your skin and relieve dryness and general skin conditions.

How to use

Use daily, apply 2-3 pumps into the palm of your hand and massage into your skin, focusing on any skin concerns. For best results, apply to lightly dried skin after bathing or showering to lock in moisture and maximise absorption while the pores are warm and open.

*Secret hack - Overnight feet treat

An ingenious discovery by Uma, a member of the Amazing Oils family; apply Body Repair Lotion generously to your feet each night, pop little cotton socks over the top, leave on throughout the night and wake up to baby soft feet.

We absolutely LOVE hearing your stories of success with Magnesium and the all the very clever ways our customers use it, skincare or otherwise, we continue to be completely amazed, so please keep sharing!