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February 26, 2019 2 min read

What ELSE can YOU do with the Ugly Bit Stick?


                                                      Canine Prosthesis?

I used to have a couple of age spots - one on each temple. I used the Ugly Bits Stick in the proper way – 4-6 times a day for the first week. Although they looked identical at the start, one has disappeared completely – the other has only faded a bit. I know the UBS doesn’t work on EVERY type of mole or skin tag but anyway asked my GP about it and she thought that despite appearances they must be different types of keratosis.

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Nowadays I still carry the UBS around in my pocket all the time. I use it as soon as I begin to feel the RSI in my thumb joint. I use it if I cut myself shaving (Warning-it stings like hell for a few seconds.) Almost everyone who works here carries an UBS with them so I asked them why.

Maree: I find it easy to keep on me…I use it on any blemishes or spots on the back of my hands.

As soon as I asked Maree - everyone else began calling out from their offices:

Ruby: “I carry it in case of insect bites, for midges and mozzies.”

Joanne: "I use it on a dry cyst on my neck.”

Jackie: “I put it on any skin pigmentation.”

Sandy: “Mine helps when I dab it on my sinuses.”

Janet: “That initial tingle which means a cold-sore is developing.”

Lella: “Before a pimple starts to sprout.”

Leigh: “On my TMJ when my jaw feels tight.”

Trevor: “In-between my toes at night to help me sleep.”

Ben: “As soon as I feel the beginnings of a headache.”




Well, we have no clinical evidence for any of those things.  The UBS contains similar ingredients to all the other Amazing Oils products - but a more concentrated magnesium. An unstable hygroscopic molecule (for the scientists among you.) What ELSE do you use it for that we may not have heard about?

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 Thank You :)



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