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March 11, 2020 3 min read

The secret to waking up happier and well-rested? It all comes down to your nighttime routine. 

Those final hours before bed can directly impact the quality of your sleep - how long it takes for you to fall asleep, to stay asleep, and how well-rested you feel the next day. The good news? There’s still hope. Revamping your bedtime routine can actually be quite easy, and fun! To help, we’ve put together a five-step sleep ritual that will help you get some more of that precious shut-eye you crave each night. Stick to this ritual, and we promise you’ll be feeling fresher and happier each morning.

1. Wake up at the same time, wind down at the same time

While sleeping in on the weekends can be tempting, it’s actually better to be setting and sticking to a regular sleep schedule every day. Why? It keeps your body clock in check. Holding the same sleep schedule seven days a week will set you up for consistent sleep-filled nights and more wakeful days.

2. Limit/remove blue light

Save your Netflix binge or email catch up time for earlier in the evening and declare the hour before bedtime a digital-free zone. Not only does the bright blue glow of your screen disrupt your body clock and trick your mind into thinking it’s still daylight, but that last look at your emails can easily switch your brain back into work mode and not relaxation, sleepy mode.

3. Relax and clear your mind with a bath

Turning your mind off at the end of the day can be challenging, especially during those stressful and busy times. A nighttime soak is a great way to signal to your body that it’s time to switch off from the day, and transition into a more relaxing, unwinding state. Research has also found that a warm bath before bed will not only help you to unwind but can trigger sleep - it speeds up the temperature cycle which then affects your circadian rhythm, signaling to the body that it’s time for sleep. Don’t forget to add magnesium flakes to your bath for the ultimate, deep relaxation float.

4. Give yourself a sleep boost

Sometimes all you need is just a little bit of help. Getting that much-needed rest can be hard, which is why we’ve combined all of the current scientific information available on sleep to create the ultimate sleep ritual essential, the Magnesium Sleep Lotion. With calming lavender and chamomile, combined with the amazing benefits of magnesium, you’ll be well on your way to a deeper slumber in no time at all.  

5. Create a calming sleep space

It’s all about the environment you sleep in!

Tidy up - Fact: Mess causes stress. Princeton University researchers found that visual clutter (think: piles of mail, clothes, etc.) inhibits our ability to focus, leaving us feeling frazzled. Before you settle into bed, declutter your space - putting things back in their rightful place can have a calming effect too. 

Temperature- With the weather cooling down, you might want to crank up the heat, but you’ll actually sleep better if you don’t. The ideal snooze temperature is between 15 - 19 degrees Celsius, according to the National Sleep Foundation. That's because the cooler you are, the sleepier you become. 

Smell something -Inhaling serene scents is a great way to ensure a restful and relaxing night’s sleep.Evidence suggests certain aromas may actually reduce blood pressure and heart rate, creating a calming effect in the body. Our top tip? Keep some lavender on hand. According to renowned sleep expert, Dr Michael Breus lavender works as both an anxiolytic (an anxiety reliever) as well as a sedative, to increase relaxation and calm, and help bring about sleep. It also interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity, reducing agitation, anger, aggression, and restlessness. 

Interested in reading about more nighttime routines? Some of the worlds top sleep experts share their sleep rituals on The Huffington Post.

We’d love to know how your new sleep routine goes for you. Sweet Dreams from the Amazing Oils family!