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Your little angels aren't so angelic at 2 am.

February 26, 2019 2 min read

Completely natural. 100% Australian.

We get so much great feedback from people who have used Amazing Oils to help get their kids to sleep. Of course we know there are a lot of adults who report better quality of sleep, but the stuff seems to absolutely work on children. 

We had well over 2000 responses to the post (below) from a 'skeptical' parent:

We all know that having a regular night time routine for getting the little ones into bed, slowly winding things down and getting into the ritual is a great help, and adding the application of some magnesium to their feet during the nightly ritual is easy and fast. 

Nonetheless, we all live in the real world and not on some perfect parenting reality show. Sometimes you just don't have the time or the energy left to deliberately and methodically wind things down. This doesn't mean you're a bad parent. It does mean that you're human.

So what's going on when we apply the magnesium?

You probably know that we all fall asleep in stages. Similar to the winding down ritual we all try to do with our kids when we can, the body itself has a winding down mechanism and magnesium is necessary for this to work well.

It also assists in slowing metabolic processes and lowering brain temperature as your body attempts to repair itself during sleep cycles. (Which is a big part of why we need sleep).

I know for myself, applying magnesium to my feet before bed can help me to go to sleep yes, but more importantly, help me to STAY asleep the whole night through.

This why it's so good for adults with sleeping difficulties and it's also why it seems to work like a natural 'off switch' for kids at bedtime. In terms of pain-relief, it means no more 'growing pains.'

We are not suggesting that you forgo the winding-down ritual when you have the time to do it. We are saying that adding magnesium to that ritual is a good thing and when you don't have time for the whole ritual, make sure that the magnesium step, is a step you never miss.

The magnesium spray or roll-on can be the difference between feeling energised during the day or feeling dopey and unmotivated. For babies and toddlers we have introduced our new Baby Calm Gel Roll-On containing the same natural magnesium chloride solution as our Baby Sleepy Toes Towelettes.  

Goodnight little angels and mummy's and daddy's everywhere.

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