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60 Plus Playground Bundle

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60 Plus Playground x Amazing Oils Bundle

Step into a world of enhanced wellbeing with our Ultimate Wellness Bundle, exclusively crafted for the dynamic members of 60+ Playground. This unique collection merges the core essentials of daily magnesium supplementation, natural sleep aids, and targeted inflammation relief, all designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday health regimen.

Daily Magnesium Spray

Kickstart your day with our Daily Magnesium Spray, a straightforward and effective solution to boost your magnesium levels and reduce anxiety. Sourced from the pristine Salt Lakes of Australia, our 100% pure, organically sourced Magnesium Oil is your daily dose of wellness. Perfect for morning energy and evening relaxation, this spray helps prevent magnesium deficiency while being a quick, bio-available way to enjoy magnesium’s benefits.

Usage Tip: For optimal results, apply 4-5 sprays to your upper body in the morning to energise, and to your lower body in the evening for relaxation. Keep it handy by your bathroom bench or bedside for regular use.

Sleep Magnesium Lotion

Drift into a serene, restful night with our Sleep Magnesium Lotion. Infused with the therapeutic essences of lavender and chamomile, this luxurious lotion prepares you for a peaceful night's sleep. It’s been specially formulated to calm the nervous system, induce sleep, and relax your body.

How to Use: Massage 2-3 pumps into your lower back, behind your knees, and tops of your feet 20 minutes before bedtime for a tranquil transition into sleep.

Flex Magnesium Gel

Address the discomforts of joint pain & inflammation with our Flex Magnesium Gel. This product stands as a testament to our commitment to natural, efficacious relief. Ideal for incorporating into your post-activity or exercise routine, it aids in reducing inflammation, and supports joint health.

Recommended Application: Use post-activity on areas affected by discomfort or stiffness, aiding in your recovery and flexibility.