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May 14, 2020 2 min read

Lacking in the self-care department? Not anymore. Now more than ever, it's time to slow down and take care of you.  Rekindle the romance with the most important person in your life (you!), with our four favourite self-care activities. 

1. Write an appreciation note

It's time to appreciate you! Writing yourself a letter allows you to take a moment to pause, reflect and appreciate how far you have come, where you are today, and even set goals for your future.

To begin, grab a pen and paper, settle in for the night, and write down all of the positive things you want to say to yourself, just like you would to a family member. Resist the urge to point out your flaws, instead focusing on what you admire, your strengths and your gifts. Keep your letter tucked away for safekeeping and bring out every few months to celebrate how far you’ve come in your self-care journey.

2. Unwind and relax

Looking for a reason to relax, unwind and recharge? You’re in luck. The weather is cooler, the nights are chilly and we've got just the thing - Bath Flakes. Add one scoop to your warm bath, light a candle and sink away. Disconnect from the outside world and get ready for a night of pure bliss, wine - optional. 

3. Cooking for self-care

Dinner for one, please! Cooking can be a modern-day form of self-care, a process that not only nourishes the body but your mind as well… and what better way to show yourself some serious love than a healthy, nutritious meal filled with all of your favourite foods! Some of our picks include a ‘nourish bowl’ filled with roast vegetables and falafels, a one-pan roasted chicken or even a hearty lasagna. Take the time to set yourself a place at the table, sit down (putting your phone away!) and be present, enjoying each mouthful. 

4. Gift yourself something

Caught yourself eyeing off some of our Amazing products? Now is the time to treat yourself with some of our very secial bundles. Created with you in mind, our Dreamer Bundle is the perfect addition to your nighttime routine, with our Amazing Skin Bundle here to save the day with an essential skincare routine. Together, it's a match made in heaven.