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February 26, 2019 2 min read

Detox has been a popular idea for the last few years in the west. I won’t go into all the scams that have come about from this much bandied-about concept. What I will talk a little about is how magnesium is utilised in our bodies.

If you are not interested in the science, then skip to the last two paragraphs…Anyway, one of the main anti-oxidants which is called Glutathione and it cannot function at all without magnesium.

May I give you some information regarding the living breathing cells of our bodies?

We each have around 50 trillion cells! Each cell communicates with every other cell! Amazing! Bigger than Telstra’s network! Each of those cells is surrounded by what is called a cellular membrane.
Up to very recently, it was believed that the ‘brain’ of the cell was the nucleus, and to a lesser extent, the DNA.

However, recent discoveries both in neuroscience as well as in cellular biology demonstrate that the cellular membrane is in fact the (mem) brain! As exciting as this is (to me, anyway) I will not go further with it here except to tell you about what is called the cellular membrane permeability. These are big words which basically describe the membrane as something of a filter, through which certain substances can pass through easily, others with difficulty and some not at all. The permeability (penetration potential) of the membrane is dependent upon…..drum roll….magnesium!

To the extent that there is adequate magnesium, then toxins can leave the inside of the cell by passing through the cell membrane where they can then be transported out of the body (detox). Equally, the cell can receive nutrition from outside such as glucose and hormones. When you have too much calcium there is a ‘calcification’ of the cell membrane which reduces the permeability.

Are you still with me? Hello…?

SO when you raise your magnesium levels you increase the permeability of the cellular membrane so that the toxins can pass through. In some people this can manifest as a pimple breakout (detox). The good news is that the magnesium will also dry up the pimple and within a short time, the skin will be clean, clear and rosy.

But what about the rest of the body? What about the detoxing of the organs?

Daniel Reid, author of Tao of Detox has been using Amazing Oils and says, “Using magnesium oil is the quickest and most convenient way to transmit magnesium chloride into the cells and tissues through the skin. 2-3 sprays under each armpit function as a highly effective deodorant, while at the same time transporting magnesium swiftly through the thin skin into the bloodstream, for distribution throughout the body. Spray it onto the back of the hand or the top of the feet any time of day or night for continuous magnesium absorption.

I hope this helps.