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February 26, 2019 1 min read


Calm, rested kids and parents too.

Magnesium is known to naturally calm and aid sleep in children, babies and adults and it works very well if used as part as your regular sleep routine.

There is a lot of research about magnesium's’ calming influence on the body and it could be the solution you need to make sure that you’re all (baby too) getting a good restful sleep.

To use Amazing Oils on children and babies, however, we would suggest watering it down for the first few days of use by 50% or mixing it with a little coconut oil.

For best sleep results you should rub the oils into the tops of the feet, this works for adults and children too.
Other benefits for kids

The other benefits of Magnesium is crucial for childrens good health and development. All the benefits adults receive from having optimal magnesium levels benefit children too especially the support it offers to the immune system and muscle and nerve function, however during development the role of magnesium is also important.

Studies at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston concluded that “intake and absorption of magnesium during childhood are key predictors of total bone mineral content” and this is a good thing for kids.

They continue “Lots of nutrients are key for children to have healthy bones. One of these appears to be magnesium. Calcium is important, but …may not be more important than magnesium”