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February 26, 2019 2 min read


We got some reports from one of our enthusiastic advocates who was recommending the spray and roll on product for neck pain that she'd also noticed an impact on skin tags in the same area. 

We also got word of the Amazing Oils Moisturiser dissolving skin tags as well as certain types of facial subcutaneous cysts (lumps and bumps) ! After releasing the Ugly Bits Stick, we had many reports of acne being cleared up and even more.

Here is a result from a customer who wrote in to us:

Two years ago we began researching and found that it was possible to find the magnesium solution in a stronger concentrate but only in parts of the desert untouched by rain for at least three years. This intensive evaporation process causes a concentrate, but one which is ‘unstable’ due to its hygroscopic properties.

What this means is (basically) the MgChlor molecule will drag moisture from its environment until it gets back to a stable (super-saturated) level (which is all of our other products.) The hygroscopic nature of the molecule is why we ask you to keep the Organic Bathflakes sealed, otherwise it will become a damp slurry!
So, the Ugly Bits Sticks have the concentrate sealed with a plastic ball. They are only suitable for use on those tiny blemishes, which is why we designed the delivery system like this. It is to be used very sparingly.

How often should you apply the Ugly Bits Stick?

It depends on how fast you want to see changes. As a male, I often use it after shaving as it is equally amazing for using on small cuts (but stings like hell) and makes healing happen so much faster.

I personally use the stick three or four times a day when there are any facial blemishes…and only a tiny bit on each. If it is a ‘pre-pimple’ manifesting as a lump just under the skin, it can dissolve completely in a couple of hours! Other times it can take two or three days to see changes, sometimes up to ten days. Moles can take weeks to fade. As it says in the shop; To be clear not EVERY type of keratosis will disappear. It depends on several factors. The good news is that MOST of them will, or at least shrink to being barely noticeable.

Beauticians have been reporting that it works for ingrown hair follicles too! To be very clear (again), this will NOT work on ALL types of blemishes. It will work on many of them though, and age spots too. (That said, I had them on both sides of my forehead. One side has gone completely, the other side is still there, although faded.) Be aware, that if it does not work for certain types of blemishes, lumps and bumps you will still be getting more than your daily magnesium hit.

Here is what ELSE you can use your UBS for...

Of course if you suspect you may have developed something more serious, then you should contact your health professional.

If you want more info or advice, call us on any weekday morning. 07 5400 1608






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