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February 26, 2019 2 min read



I would LOVE to be able to give out brochures/leaflets with precise details on how often to use your products. The problem is…it depends. It depends on your magnesium levels, on your bio-chemistry, on whatever drugs you may be taking and on your stress-levels. Here is a previous post I wrote explaining how to check your magnesium-levels.

“Your body NEEDS it, every day, for every heart-beat, every movement of energy, every thought.

Use it daily – keep it next to your toothbrush – or at least use it every night on the tops of your feet. This will keep your health ‘topped-up’ as well as preventing aches, pains and fatigue.

So what about the moisturiser and ugly-bits stick? Sorry but again…it depends. It depends on your magnesium-levels, on the ambient temperature and humidity. You can use the Ugly-Bits stick several times a day but the moisturiser you will need to experiment with, because every body’s skin is different. Use VERY sparingly-a tiny amount goes a long way. If you notice the beginnings of exfoliation, then use a normal moisturiser for a day or two. Take responsibility to find out exactly what works for uniquely YOU.

Interestingly we are having a LOT of interest and inquiries from the sports and training arenas lately. The magnesium provides added endurance, and an amazingly fast recovery from muscle pain Many AFL and international football teams are using the Amazing Oils in their training regimen. Do you know someone who attends a gym who could benefit from this?

It's easy to get your magnesium levels where they need to be and it's not expensive either, by buying larger bottles or multi packs you save more too. Keeping your magnesium levels optimal could cost as little as buying one Latte every ten days and your health is surely worth that much, right?