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February 26, 2019 3 min read

Good question, and one we've been asked a few times and are happy to respond to. Our recovery range reduces recovery time dramatically. After a game of tennis (or just Tennis Elbow), or a workout, transdermal magnesium can take the pain away within 30  seconds. Cramped muscles relax. Pain disappears. Lactic acid and calcification dissolve. Energy increases. Did I mention it seconds?

Initially, when we developed our original product, we wondered if smell might be important as in its natural state Amazing Oils is odorless. We were concerned that people might think there wasn't anything in it unless they tasted it. (Don't do that - it's non-toxic but super-salty.)

So we went for odorless, organic and natural. It proved that our fears were unfounded and people loved the product in its natural form. This also kept the product more pristine with no added scent or chemicals.

The same question raised it's head again when we decided to do the sports / recovery range. 

Over a few weeks of informal discussion one of our male staff remembered that the smell of sport in his youth was Wintergreen or as it was sometimes known as Fiery Jack. He was brought up in the permafrost and driving rain that is the north of England.

Apparently, when applied neat, this stuff would warm up the muscles and protect against the the Siberian drafts on the football pitch.

I too remembered the stuff and although there is no memory of smell I did recall it being a very pleasant aroma indeed. So I managed to get hold of some.

When it arrived the smell took me right back to school days, not a bad thing and not a bad memory visit either, life was so much simpler then. I liked the idea of the new product smelling like this, it is the smell of sport, (but not the sweaty bits). It's like a spicy, medicinal, Menthol and Eucalyptus mix and it's amazingly refreshing.

I then spent some time studying what the actual benefits of Wintergreen was and this convinced me that not only was this a great smell for the new product but that the addition of Wintergreen actually would be an extra benefit to the product for athletes.

So what is it?

It's an essential oil made from the leaves of the the Eastern Teaberry plant (sometimes known as the Checkerberry, the Boxberry, or the American Wintergreen, I wish they'd make their minds up.)

Once the leaves are steeped in warm water, beneficial enzymes within wintergreen leaves called methyl salicylates are released, which are then concentrated into an easy-to-use extract formula using steam distillation.

Wintergreen has been used for centuries by tribes native to North America to help cure fatigue, lung, sinus and respiratory illnesses. Wintergreen oil is naturally an antioxidant, energizing and immune-enhancing since it lowers inflammation and reduces pain.

Wintergreen is absorbed into skin quickly and acts like a natural numbing agent, similar to cortisone. It also promotes blood circulation and cools irritation, which is comforting to swollen skin. Mixed with the original product, which is also an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antiseptic, it's a partnership made in heaven for those who workout or do a lot of physical work.

And it smells awesome, so we decided it would be a perfect and natural addition to our magnesium product. We hope you will like it.



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