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Magnesium Benefits

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Benefits of magnesium

To understand the benefits of magnesium we need to understand two simple concepts.

1. Getting enough magnesium is essential for maintaining good health. This is not controversial or fringe science or some sort of new age thing, it's a fact, your body needs magnesium.

2. It is also not controversial by any standard to say that due to modern farming methods and topsoil erosion mean that our historical sources of magnesium in the diet are no longer viable and that up to 75% of people are magnesium deficient.

It makes sense then that taking a supplement is one way to make sure you're getting all the benefits of magnesium right?

There are a few ways to take magnesium supplements, magnesium tablets, magnesium powder, magnesium cream and magnesium oils (not actually an oil but it feels like on the skin). Of these methods one of them, magnesium oil, is clearly superior and the rest have an at best marginal impact or absorption.

So what are the benefits of magnesium?

Let's start with the ones that have the most serious scientific evidence.

Magnesium fights depression, for some hard scientific journal research on this click one the following links 12 , 3. 4.
It may boost exercise performance - for more about that click here
Magnesium is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body thus taking it makes sure they're all working optimally, to learn more about that see this blog post
It has benefits against type 2 diabetes, One study followed more than 4,000 people for 20 years. It found that those with the highest intake were 47% less likely to become diabetic, to see the study click this link.
Magnesium can lower blood pressure and one study found that magnesium lowered blood pressure for people with high blood pressure, but had no effect on those with normal levels.
It has anti-inflammatory benefits
Magnesium can help prevent migraines
It reduces insulin resistance
Magnesium improves PMS symptoms and cramping

As with many things at the unfashionable end of the health industries, the academics and scientists often lag behind what people are finding out for themselves. They are trying to keep up and there are ongoing studies all the time about other uses for magnesium, there is some evidence being produced already that indicates that some of the other benefits of magnesium may well be beneficial for:

Treating insomnia
Widening airways in asthma
Preventing and providing relief for cramps of all kinds
Resolving restless legs syndrome
Symptomatic relief for fibromyalgia
Skin tag removal

Because we are one of the leading brands of magnesium oils we also have a huge weight of anecdotal evidence and reports of some lesser known benefits of magnesium:
Benefits for pregnant women


benefits of magnesium, magnesium oil, magnesium tablets and magnesium powder benefits